This year marks the first teaching garden at Journey Elementary. The garden, which has required five years of planning, is brand new and offers an amazing opportunity for the students. 5th Grade students planted seeds this fall that currently grow indoors in the library; these seeds continue to grow until the weather becomes opportune for the plants to be transported outside. Ms. Parameter, one of the teachers in charge of the garden, describes the project as “a powerful tool that will spread a lot of learning and a lot of joy.” With this tool for learning, students start to become more engaged in the classroom and find more interest in the topics they learn. Teachers have found that students who struggle learning information and paying attention are the most excited for the garden. This positive event will create joy in their education throughout the rest of their years. The garden has provided the students an authentic experience that has increased their knowledge to the Journey community. Educators explain that their students enjoy talking about the garden and are excited to start planting in April/May.

learning garden

Teacher gave students the option to vote on what they wanted to plant with each grade planting together except Kindergarten and 1st because they will plant together. Other grades can decide on what to grow in April and May, for now microgreens, kale, broccoli, and arugula, grow in the indoor garden. With this hands-on experience, teachers hope that it gives students better connections to the real world. When the plants are harvested, teachers and students have the option to either consume the greens or donate the food to the community. Overall, the teachers at Journey are growing something positive for their students and the community!