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Tips for Fast and Healthy Foods at Home

  • Brown meats ahead of time. Put in a sealed container. Refrigerate meats for use the next day; freeze meats for use 2-3 days later.
  • Note: You may consider refrigerating or freezing meat in single serving sizes.
  •  Fill sealable plastic bags with vegetable finger foods: raw vegetables (broccoli and cauliflower florets, jicama and carrot sticks, zucchini and bell pepper circles, or snow peas). Take seasonal fruit. Besides taking the edge off hunger, fruit can be a thirst quencher.
  • Pre-cooked, homemade casseroles take about 20 minutes to cook. These are ideal for meal times that are very short and busy.
  • Adding soups to meals is a great way to add flavor and still have a quick meal, but watch the sodium in pre-packaged soups!
  • Make your own TV dinners out of planned or leftover meats and casseroles. Freeze in microwaveable containers, then warm in microwave and serve.
  • Grab n’ Go Items

    1. Salad in a bag
    2. Pre-cut vegetables
    3. Pre-cut fruits
    4. Pre-cut meats and cheeses
    5. Baked potato (microwaved)
    6. Pre-cooked homemade casseroles
    7. Raisins
    8. Applesauce
    9. Yogurt
    10. String cheese
    11. Soups
    12. Bagels
    13. Whole wheat bread, crackers, and graham crackers
    14. 100% fruit juice
    15. Hard boiled eggs
    16. Cottage cheese