Parent/Teacher Conferences Sign Up

Please sign up for one (1) slot to come into the school to meet with your learner's teacher.

Please come to the school 15 BEFORE your time to check in and find your learner's classroom.

Be mindful when grouping time slots when you have siblings that also attend Journey. We've found that adding a 15-minute time slot between your scheduled times rather than scheduling back-to-back is helpful in keeping everyone’s schedules on-time. If you have the flexibility to schedule earlier in the day, please do so. We have a number of working families who may need a later time; and this will help many of our families schedule a time that works for their family and work schedules. 

Third Grade

Fourth Grade

Fifth Grade

Mrs. Peterson
(CoHort B)

Ms. Hertz
(CoHort A)

Ms. Juergens
(CoHort A)

Mrs. Botsford
(CoHort A)

Mrs. Honner
(CoHort B)

Mrs. Ugland
(CoHort B)

Ms. Ball
(CoHort C)

Mr. Meyer
(CoHort C)

Student Services

Ms. DeWitte (Resource)

Ms. Ruffinott (ELC)

Ms. Edlund (Speech)