Registrar's Office

Where to Register
  • If you are new to the Harrisburg School District, please email the Student Registrar at carol.bucholz@k12.sd.us.
  • School assignments are based on home address. (See boundary links below)

Items Needed to Register
  • Birth Certificate
  • Proof of Immunizations
  • Proof of Address (ie. Rental Agreement, copy of Purchase Agreement, etc.)


Student Registration

Email: carol.bucholz@k12.sd.us

– or –

Fax: 605-743-2569

– or –

Mail: Harrisburg Schools
Attn: Registrar
PO Box 187
Harrisburg, SD 57032
– or –
Drop them off at the Business Office (located on the east side of Liberty Elementary).
200 Willow Street

Harrisburg, SD 57032

For questions regarding registration or to make an appointment please contact:

Carol Bucholtz, Student Registrar
605-743-2567 Option 2